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Current research activities

TYPO3 University researchers exchange and discuss ideas to explore the frontiers of knowledge, going beyond the boundaries of organizations. This kind of research collaboration sometimes develops into joint experiment projects that last for several years. In such occasions, the national government or international organizations help fund the construction of common experimentation facilities where University researchers work together with researchers from many countries.

Find out more about our research activities !

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The latest Research Exercise Framework 2018 confirmed our position as one of the top ten research communities, with 73% of our research designated as internationally recognised for quality, and 64% of our research submissions classed as world leading and internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour. If you want to find out more about the three current research activities, you can download the following PDFs.

Concrete construction
Urban Gardening
Genetic Engineering

White stairs
Concrete construction (architecture)
Urban gardening
Urban gardening (Natural sciences)
Hands with pink gloves injecting a tomato
Genetic engineering (medicine)