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(This is an example webpage of a fictive TYPO3 University. This page demonstrate the optional features of the higher education package. You can extent and modify the page with lots of options and preconfigured settings to change the look of your site according to your needs.)

Online Application

How to apply at the TYPO3 University

The applications are made through the program UAHC (University Application Help Center), which our University works with. The program allows an easy and quick application and keeps your documents savely. If you scroll down, you find the four steps how to apply at the TYPO3 University.

1. Registration

In order to start writing your application, you need to register an account in our online system.  With an account, you will have an overview of your applications and can reuse previously registered information.

2. Choose your course

Choosing the right course. Some apply to university knowing exactly what they want to study. But most students are faced with a huge variety of courses and subject areas to consider. 

Choosing how to study your chosen course. There are a number of different ways to study. Find out about joint honours, accelerated degrees, part-time study and other flexible learning options are now widely available.

3. Fill out the application formular

In this step, you have to fill out the application formular, choose your study courses and the term you want to begin your study.  

4. Wait for a reply

You can edit your application until the deadline, then it is locked and cannot be edited. When your application has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation notice.

Good luck !

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