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The TYPO3 University offers a huge selection of art courses.
Designed for individuals who plan a career in the world of art, the Bachelor of Fine Arts offers an intensive Art program that combines conservatory training in the traditional studio arts with a liberal arts education. From Graphic Design to Film, TV and Sound Design, there is a course for everybody who is creative. Scroll down to learn more about the courses.

Graphic Design

Hands designing graphics

The Graphic Design course at the TYPO3 University prepares students a wide variety of skills necessary for communicating with very diverse target audiences. Techniques such as illustration, photography, printmaking and use of digital media allow the graphic designer to convey a client's message in engaging ways


Film and Sound

Color palette

Film students will study the aesthetics of motion pictures, learn the tools of production, and prepare for careers in the film industry.  Students majoring in Film will select from classes on film in the areas ranging from Communication to English. You will work as a cameraman, film director, editor and sound designer in the course of the study.



A camera

The Photography Specialization results in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. Required coursework includes study of fine art and commercial photography. Fine art photography instruction encourages you to realize your own personal vision.

Art Science

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The Bachelor of Arts and Science (BAS) program is designed for students who are fascinated equally by the study of Arts (Social Sciences & Humanities) and the Sciences, and who perform very well across these disciplines.


A woman
Lisa (20 years), graphic design student

"I love studying art and incorporating art into my daily life. It is my passion. One of the things that I've been really impressed with ... the TYPO3 University allow us independent work even outside the university campus. So I can meet my fellow students to be creative and inspired at places we like. "