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A comprehensive and stimulating introduction to language and literature, the Language and Literature (Honours) course at The Open TYPO3 University investigates how language is used in a variety of global contexts, and explores literature from different historical periods and in diverse cultural settings.


German flag

Herzlich Wilkommen! Are you interested in the german language? German is the language of three major cultural and financial hubs - Austria, the fourth richest country in the European Union, Switzerland, home of the majestic Alps, and of course Germany, the foremost European business center. Come to the TYPO3 University and study for three years.


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bachelor & teaching certification

Master the Spanish language and immerse yourself in the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. We're one of the only universities that requires semester-long study abroad for language majors. Connect with native Spanish speakers in Valencia, Spain; Heredia, Costa Rica; Santiago, Chile; Mérida, Mexico; or Havana, Cuba—to name a few. 

A woman
Sophie (22 years), german student

"Hello, my name is Sophie and I`m 22 years old. I`m at the TYPO3 University. I am studying German so that I can better understand the german culture. I enjoy the feeling of ther community and feeling part of it."