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Natural sciences

This one-year Undergraduate Foundation Programme in Nature Sciences offers successful students guaranteed progression to the University of TYPO3. You will study your Foundation programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the University of CMSland City campus.


Terrestrial globe

Are you interested in the world about you, its physical nature and characteristics, and how environmental changes will affect the future of our planet? Then the study of BSc (Hons) at the TYPO3 University of Geography is the course you’re looking for.


Sky with stars

The astronomy major is designed to provide a good foundation in modern science with a focus on astronomy. Taken alone, it is suited for students who wish to apply scientific training in a broad general context. If coupled with a major in physics, the astronomy major provides the foundation to pursue a career as a professional astronomer.

Marine biology

Picture under water

The marine realms covers 70% of our planet and represents over 95% of the biosphere. It is home to most of the biodiversity on our planet, and supplies 80% of the world's oxygen. Yet this vital global resource is under threat from human activities. The Marine Sciences major offered by TYPO3 University prepares students for meaningful and productive post-baccalaureate employment and/or admission to high-quality graduate programs. 

A woman
Hannah (20 years), Marine biology student

Hey, I am Hannah and I am studying marine biology at the TYPO3 University. When I was a kid, me and my family went always to the beach and I loved snorkeling. Today the human activities creating challenges for our planet. The need for dynamic, interdisciplinary and applied marine biologists has never been greater. "