Alternative text check for images

The Higher Education Package contains a check for missing alternative texts on images. This feature is activated by default and can be deactivated in the extension settings.

If activated the check is processed every time when a relation to an image file is added or changed in a content element. The image relation will be disabled (2) if there is no alternative text and the user is informed by a flash message warning (1).

Alternative text check

Disable check for single database fields

In some cases the check for an existing alternative text makes no sense, e.g. for images that are used as background-images in the frontend. The check can be disabled for single database fields. The following Typoscript setup is the default setting that comes with the Higher Education Package. Extend the Typoscript with further table / field combinations to fit your needs. You can add more than one field per table if needed.

plugin.tx_highereducationpackage.alttext-check.ignore {
    pages {
        1 = menu_image
    tx_highereducationpackage_domain_model_person {
        1 = image
        2 = images

We also can ignore the check for tt_content fields base on CType here:

plugin.tx_highereducationpackage.alttext-check.cTypeIgnore {
    uploads {
        1 = media