LDAP authentication

The extension “ig_ldap_sso_auth” extension can be used for authentication by LDAP.

The extension has been tested to work properly together with the Higher Education Package. You can use the extension configuration described by the author (see below).

Frontend authentication

After LDAP authentication setup it’s possible to use a regular TYPO3 login form for frontend authentication (see https://packagist.org/packages/typo3/cms-felogin). Make sure your login form points to the sysfolder where your LDAP users are imported to.

Backend authentication

After LDAP authentication setup and acitvation of backend authentication in the extension setup of ig_ldap_sso_auth users can login into the TYPO3 backend by using their LDAP credentials with the regular backend login form.


See the general ig_ldap_sso_auth documentation for further information:



The PHP extension “php-ldap” has to be installed on your server in order to use the extension “ig_ldap_sso_auth”