Page Layouts

This section will give you an overview about the page layouts with the higher education package. Page layouts are implemented as backend layouts.

Name Description web_layout key
Default The default page layout with several content columns Default
Page with submenu Layout includes multiple content columns and a submenu PageWithSubmenu

Override existing backend layouts

If you want to override a given backend layout you have to add your Template-, Layout- and PartialRootPaths.

The defaults paths of higher education package are defined in EXT:higher_education_package/Condiguration/TypoScript/Setup/page.typoscript

templateRootPaths {
    0 = EXT:higher_education_package/Resources/Private/Templates/Page/
    10 = EXT:YOUR_EXTENSION_KEY/Resources/Private/Templates/Page/

partialRootPaths {
    0 = EXT:higher_education_package/Resources/Private/Partials/Page/
    10 = EXT:YOUR_EXTENSION_KEY/Resources/Private/Partials/Page/

layoutRootPaths {
    0 = EXT:higher_education_package/Resources/Private/Layouts/Page/
    10 = EXT:YOUR_EXTENSION_KEY/Resources/Private/Layouts/Page/