Using the “events” feature you can add a list of events to your website.


The events features is based on the “news” extension, therefore most of the features are the same as in news.

You can add events as you normally would add news records.


By activiting the property “Is event”, you can transform a news record into an event record.


Event records contain additional fields:

  • End date (date)

  • Full day (checkbox)

  • Organizer (relation to available organizers or free text)

  • Location (relation to available locations or free text)

Those information will be automatically displayed in the fronted if “is event” is activated.


The template respects different cases of date constallations, for example if no end date is set, it’s not displayed and if a date is marked as “full day” no time information is displayed.


More information can be found in documentation of “eventnews” on which the events feature is based: