Access restricted page error

The handler for access restricted page errors (403 error) will redirect to the configured login page with the original requested url in the return_url parameter. This causes a redirect to this page after successful login. If the requested page is not accessible for the logged in user, because e.g. the user group does not match, the user gets the content of a configured 403 error page.


    errorCode: 403
    errorHandler: PHP
    errorPhpClassFQCN: T3G\HigherEducationPackage\Handler\Error\AccessRestriction\AccessRestrictedPageErrorHandler
    loginUrl: 't3://page?uid=66'
    fallBackErrorContentSource: 't3://page?uid=135'

Handler specific configuration values:


Since TYPO3 11.4 you have to enable the core feature flag “subrequestPageErrors” for correct working error handling. For more information look at


At the moment it is only possible to configure a TYPO3 backend page for the real 403 error page! It is not possible to use a Fluid template.