v10.0.0 Changes


  • [FEATURE] upgrade compatibility to support TYPO3 10 LTS
  • [FEATURE] upgrade custom news template to support news v8.5.0
  • [FEATURE] Add handler for 403 errors
  • [FEATURE] compatibility with newest ke_search v3.3.1
  • [FEATURE] using pageTitleTagProvider in person views
  • [FEATURE] add support for phpro/grumphp
  • [FEATURE] improved styling of the Living Styleguide


  • [BUGFIX] optimizing department kickstarter module svg icon
  • [BUGFIX] restructuring / updating tca flexform settings for several elements
  • [BUGFIX] restored Solr functionality of custom templates
  • [BUGFIX] restoring scss prefixer setting back to extension settings
  • [BUGFIX] add missing translation of ke_search teaser-list template
  • [BUGFIX] fix deleteAfterImport parameter of person import command on CLI


  • [TASK] removing deprecated extbase annotations
  • [TASK] refactoring of sub-navigation template
  • [TASK] replaced be-layout-icons with improved visuals
  • [TASK] remove support for table pages_language_overlay