v11.0.2 Changes


  • [FEATURE] Full PHP 8.1 support

  • [FEATURE] Introduce new page type “educational offer”

  • [FEATURE] Upgrade custom solr templates to support solr v11.5.x-dev

  • [FEATURE] Add solr index queue configuration for person records

  • [FEATURE] Upgrade custom eventnews templates to support eventnews v5.0.1

  • [FEATURE] Improved main-nav keyboard accessibility, close nav with escape


  • [BUGFIX] Solr results contain also content of language switch and breadcrumb

  • [BUGFIX] First level of the main-nav was focusable while the nav was closed

  • [BUGFIX] Living Styleguide backend module

  • [BUGFIX] Department-Kickstarter backend module


  • [TASK] Mark person import command and task as deprecated

  • [TASK] Mark video plugin as deprecated