v9.6.0 Changes


  • [FEATURE] Add grumphp and typo3scan as dev dependency


  • [BUGFIX] Solr search templates
  • [BUGFIX] Apply grumphp changes - Code Style and Linting
  • [BUGFIX] add TYPO3 core fields to ext_tables.sql
  • [BUGFIX] fix missing namespace
  • [BUGFIX] fix wrong translation for label of eventnews
  • [BUGFIX] add visibility to methods of personsTcaService
  • [BUGFIX] add visibility to methods of scssUtility
  • [BUGFIX] add visibility to methods of person hook
  • [BUGFIX] add visibility to methods of ke_search hook
  • [BUGFIX] fix scssphp version constraint
  • [BUGFIX] fix missing target language
  • [BUGFIX] enable pages for index queue per default
  • [BUGFIX] fix DOMDocument call
  • [BUGFIX] fix wrong path to person.svg
  • [BUGFIX] remove false namespace for AfterScenarioScope
  • [BUGFIX] updating behat tests


  • [TASK] Apply typo3scan changes - remove deprecations found by TYPO3 scanner
  • [TASK] Adapt grumphp ascii file paths for failure and success
  • [TASK] format php code corresponding to .editorconfig
  • [TASK] separate department kickstarter