Documentation Rendering

The documentation of the Higher Education Package exists as ReST files. These ReST files can be rendered in front- and in backend.


You will have to install the TYPO3 extension “sphinx” if you want to render the documentation in the help section of the TYPO3 Backend.

Add the following dependency to your websites’ composer.json:

"kiefer79/sphinx": "^2.5"

Install “python-setuptools” on your server, e.g.

apt-get update && apt-get install python-setuptools

Go to the extension manager and open the update script of “sphinx

Import “Sphinx 1.7”

The documentation module is now available in the help section. Open the module, select “Higher Education Package” and click “Render Documentation”.


In addition to the steps stated above you will need to install the extension “restdoc”. Add the following dependency to the composer.json of your TYPO3 website:

"kiefer79/restdoc": "^1.6"

Go to the sphinx backend module in the help section and render the documentation “Higher Education Package” in mode “Interactive”.

Add the plugin “Sphinx Documentation Viewer Plugin” to your page and select the path where sphinx has stored the json files, e.g. “typo3temp/tx_sphinx/higher_education_package/_make/build/json/”.